Need Money For College? Consider a Car Title Loan


Let’s face it – getting a college education is costly for many people. While it would be nice if everyone can hit the lottery and pay to it easily, that’s not how the world works.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average yearly cost of tuition, room and board for a college student is $17,633. If you are a full-time college student, you probably don’t get that much in an whole year. You probably have several different expenses to cover, as well, which might make it hard to maintain yourself in school.

To make matters worse, you probably have little to no charge if you are in college. This may make getting a traditional loan hard or even impossible. Even with grants and education loans, it may be tough to make ends meet.

What options do you have?

Consider a Car Title Loan

You might have known of car title loans on TV. They are also called u-drive loans, pink slip loans or title loans. The advertisements might be funny, but a name loan can help you get through a significant financial issue. Check out our top title loan tips for more information

A title loan is a loan that is given based on the value of your car or truck. Even though you are in college and might not have a great deal of money, you might own a motor vehicle. If that is the case, you could have the ability to find a loan according to it.

How it Works

To acquire a title loan, you are able to take your car’s name and a few other relevant documents and items to a automobile title creditor. The lender will evaluate your vehicle’s value and may offer a loan according to it. Some lenders will offer around 50 percent of their value.

Car title lenders often offer loans without conducting a credit rating. This is crucial, as your credit history won’t be of concern in many cases.

Additionally, note that car title loans are usually processed faster than conventional loans. Auto title loans are typically processed on precisely the same day which they are applied for, meaning that you may walk out with cash in a relatively short period. This could be significant when it is time to buy books or to pay an urgent tuition invoice.

You will typically have to provide some minimum revenue verification. This might include a pay stub in the part-time job or another verifiable source of income.

How Will I Get Around?

Most car title lenders require the borrower to deliver the title, not the motor vehicle. It follows that you will likely continue to your automobile for the length of the loan.

In cases like this, the only way that your vehicle will depart from your possession is if you do not repay the loan properly. This happens 4 to 8% of the moment, so the chances are very high you will prevent this situation. Nonetheless, it is important to borrow only enough to pay your expenses and make sure you could pay it back on time.


College education may be overpriced nowadays, but it’s a reality which you will need to deal with if you hope to get a college diploma. With this in mind, consider a car title loan as a portion of your borrowing options, especially if conventional lenders have prevented you.


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